Business with Charity
Ensuring Food Security For The L

مَنْ أَصبح مِنكُمْ آمِنًا في سِرْبِهِ، مُعَافًى في جَسدِه، عِندهُ قُوتُ يَومِهِ ، فَكَأَنَّمَا حِيزَتْ لَهُ الدُّنْيَا

Anyone wakes-up in the morning is secure in his soul, healthy in body and has food for the day , it is as though he conquered the world.


We will ensure Food Security for the community

The Benefit of Charity

Extinguish the wrath of Allah 
Repel and conquer demons
Erase wrong-doings and sins
Set free from bad trials
 Protect wealth and dignity
 Protect against calamity and adversity
 Increase your wealth with Allah blessing
Open the door of goodness and happiness

Treat physical and mental illness

Stay under the shadow of Allah

Purify wealth from unclean sources

Increase Imaan and Obedience to Allah

How Do I Start?

Unclean Income

Purge the Interest Income from your bank account

Monthly Income

Contribute RM1 per day as Zakat for Income

Excess Wealth

Make your wish to contribute to good cause

Pledge RM30 per month via Standing Instruction now!

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