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18 And Above


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Membership Plan


RM 30

By becoming a member, you shall entitle to buy shares and enjoy other benefits


RM 1,000

We encourage you to buy RM1,000 share capital to entitle for year-end dividend


RM 175,000

Interested run your own business? You can invest in a Kontras Outlet

Benefits for Members

Buy Shares and Invest

Members shall be able to subscribe Co-op shares of Min. RM1,000 per lot

Co-Own Businesses

As shareholders or investors, members shall co-own all 6,585 Kontras Outlets

Receive Profits & Dividends

Members shall entitle to yearly profits and dividends at 15% max. subjected to business performance

Shop and Get Discounts

Members shall enjoy at least 5% discount from the listed price

Receive Cashback Rewards

Members shall receive accumulative cashback for every RM100

Donate to Charity

Members' cashback shall be donated and channeled to charity every 1 week

BNPL Murabahah Credit

Members shall be able to purchase via BNPL Murabahah installments

Access to Qard Al-Hasan

Qard Al-Hasan provides temporary relieve to members' urgent financial needs 

Discounted DIY Umrah Package

Members shall be able to get special discount on Umrah packages provided by our partners 

Fundamentals of the Co-op Membership

Becoming a member of the co-op also makes you an owner. This usually includes getting to vote on major decisions, an opportunity to run for a board position, dividends, and access to information about the co-operative. However, being a member also comes with responsibilities, including financially supporting the co-op, participating in its governance, holding directors and staff accountable, and offering suggestions on how to improve the business.

Members will enjoy discounts, cashback and referral incentive. To become a Kontras Member, scan your IC, register online at and pay RM30.00 as a lifetime membership fee. As an appreciation from Kontras, you will receive a web-based Prayer Times App with CMS features worth RM5,000 that you can use it yourself or donate to your surau or mosque. However, to qualify your for a vote or run for the board, you will have to become a shareholder with a fully paid minimum Capital Share.

As a Kontas member, you can upgrade your membership to become a shareholder. A shareholder must buy at least 1 lot of Kontras share worth RM1,000. 1 lot of shares consists of 1,000 units of common shares priced at RM1 per unit. The share is known as Capital Share makes you an owner of the coop and give you a right to vote or run for the board.

Investment share (sometimes called a “preferred share”) means making a greater investment in the co-op and earning a greater return. These shares, however, don’t give you the ownership rights that membership shares do.  Investment shareholders are restricted to holding 20% of board seats, and must also become a member and a shareholder to gain these member rights.

As a member of the co-operative you shall entitled to:

  • Have one vote at general and other co-op meetings and receive proper notice of meetings

  • Serve on a committee or run for a position on the board of directors

  • Participate in the co-operative’s operations and governance

  • Raise concerns or issues you identify with the co-operative

  • Receive information about the co-operative’s financial status and other important processes or decision (e.g. resolutions).

  • Receive patronage rebates in accordance with my use of the co-operative

  • Receive dividends on shares held in the co-operative

As a member of the co-operative you shall have a responsibility to:

  • Participate in the governance of the co-operative through attendance of general meeting, voting on decisions, asking questions, and participating on boards and committees

  • Support the mission, vision, and goals of the co-operative

  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the co-operative set out in the organizational documents and created by the board

  • Support the co-operative’s operations by using its services or contributing to the delivery of services

  • Learn more about the co-operative’s operations and organizational capacity

  • Support the capitalization of the co-operative by making a financial contribution

As a member of the co-operative, you shall understand that the co-operative is obligated to:

  • Provide notice of meetings and information on ways that you can participate in the co-operative’s governance

  • Maintain a transparent and efficient system of decision-making that is inclusive of the membership and supportive of the mission and vision of the co-operative

  • Conduct business, through the board or staff, that is in the best interest of the co-operative and its members

  • Use your financial contribution effectively and responsibly and redeem your shares in the event you leave the co-operative

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